Good Food for a Great Cause

The goal is to sell at least 50 boxes. Our team receives $28.00 per box. The purpose is two- fold. First, create a fund that will assist children financially less fortunate for membership fees, shoes, competition gear, and fees. Secondly, create an endowment fund that will allow wrestling to become a self -sustaining sport in the event the 4J School District encounters an addition round of budget cuts. Get involved and support the children in your community! : )

Pick Up:10am-2pm, October 12th, 2013
Sheldon High main parking lot

Our premium apples are $1.95lb. We earn $7.50 per 10lb bag. Buy 10lbs and spread the word!!! Thank you!!!

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Gala Apples

One of life’s sweet and simple pleasures…Gala apples from Eastern Oregon.